223 20x Bore Sight Maximize

223 20x Bore Sight

223/5.56 Laser Bore sight, 20x brighter

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$42.99 per unit

223/5.56 Laser Bore Sight that is used to bore sight your rifle. This model uses a different wavelength that appears brighter than the standard unit. Also the basis for all of the rifle caliber arbors. This is the laser that is used with all of the rifle caliber arbors to bore sight your rifle.  It runs 8-15 minutes on three LR41/AG3 batteries (included). For longer battery life or extended usage, we recommend the external battery pack version (BSB22320x).

  • Wavelength 650nM
  • Output Power less than 5MW
  • Battery 3 LR41 button batteries
  • Battery Life 20 minutes
  • Construction brass
  • Warranty 5 Year Limited